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Steve Burton x Kelly Monaco

- Put A Ring On It [SOD 2011]

[A funny thing happened on the way to the jeweler, reveal Burton and Monaco.]

Monaco: So we picked out a ring.

Burton: No.

Monaco [laughs]: No, I know.

Burton: You picked it out.

Monaco: I picked it out.

Burton: With wardrobe.

Monaco: And I told them not to tell Steve which ring I picked out.

Burton: And I already picked that one.

Digest: The same one?

Monaco: I wanted him to pick it after I picked one —- Kelly would have picked a different ring, but this one is for Sam.

Digest: What a great story. That’s my sidebar! Thank you.

Monaco: You’re welcome [laughs].


Steve Burton x Kelly Monaco

- At a Glance: Jason and Sam by Tom Stacy [SOW 2011]

Weekly: If Jason and Sam do make it to the chapel. the Davis sisters would be there for their sister. Who would Jason’s best man be?

Burton: Well, since Sonny didn’t pick Jason [when he married Brenda in February]…

Monaco: And since Sam had sex with Sonny, we might want to go with someone else.

Burton: Why do you always have to say that? Will you stop bringing that up? You always have to bring that up?

Monaco: [laughs] I have to, because Sam has to be okay with it.

Burton: You don’t have to. There are rules.

Monaco: I’ll go put it in a trash compactor now.

Burton: When?

Monaco: It’s going right now.

Burton: Don’t ever say it again. There are rules that you don’t bring up exes.

Monaco: I’ve been told that recently: You’re not supposed to talk about exes. I was just told that by somebody. Let’s set up the boundaries right now. I don’t want to know anything, and you don’t tell me anything.

Burton: Perfect!

Monaco: Awesome!

Burton: Sounds good. Now that we can do that, can Jason and Sam do that?

Monaco: [laughs] Done.

Burton: Yeah, don’t ask [Jason] about Courtney or anyone else again.

Monaco: [Sam] won’t. Can you imagine? “Was she better in bed? What did she do? Did she rub your back at night?”

Burton: She karate-kicked him once.

Monaco: Oh god.

Burton: I used to call her “Kung Fu Courtney.”

Monaco: She had bigger guns than you!”

Burton: Back to your question, Thomas; this is going a lot longer than it needs to. I don’t know if Jason would pick Sonny, because he picked the hybrid of Joanie and Chachi.

Weekly: You mean Dante?

Monaco: [laughs] Oh my god. That’s funny!

Burton: Maybe Michael.

Monaco: Who would Sam have? She doesn’t have any female friends. I would guess Kristina, and Molly would be flower girl.

Weekly: She’s friends with Abby.

Monaco: Yeah, no. No [stripper] poles at this wedding [laughs].

Weekly: What would the bachelor party be like?

Burton: Jason’s would be at a firing range, shooting at empty beer cans. Now that’s a party.

Weekly: Is Sam the only one who can make Jason smile?

Monaco: I think Molly makes him smile. He giggles with her.

Burton: In real life?

Monaco: No, on the show. Molly makes Jason smile.

Burton: What? When? I need a freeze frame for that. I don’t think so. Sam is the only person he’s smiled with.

Monaco: I thought I saw you smile with Molly on Thanksgiving.

Burton: It mustn’t have been a full one [laughs].

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